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ASAP Indirect+

Clinician's Choice

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to use, efficient polishing and great results.”
  • “It’s easy to retain the surface anatomy with these polishers.”
  • “I used it on zirconia crowns and the luster was great.”
  • “The adjusters were very effective.”
  • “The spiral wheels adapt well to all surfaces and can get into tight areas.”
  • “I like that you can attach it to a latch slow speed handpiece for intra-oral use.”
  • “Good selection of shapes.”
  • “The polishers left a surface that was almost better than a glaze.”

Clinical Tips

  • Great for adjusting screw-retained implant restorations. The intra-oral design allows for efficient adjustment without constant removal of the restoration to adjust it extra-orally.
  • Use both spiral polishers to get a high gloss.
  • Try using a diamond or porcelain polishing paste with the grey wheel.
  • Light pressure works best.

Evaluation Highlights

ASAP INDIRECT+ was evaluated by 29 consultants and was used 456 times in total.

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient adjustment and polishing
  • Adaptable spiral wheels
  • Autoclavable adjusters, pre-polishers and final polishers

Unique Features

  • Color-coded adjusters, pre-polisher and final polisher
  • High concentration of diamond particles and durable silicone binder
  • Suitable for all restorative surfaces




ASAP INDIRECT+ is an intra-oral, diamond polishing system for indirect ceramic restorations. The diamond-impregnated adjusters in disc, point and cylinder shapes can be used to make minor adjustments or remove scratches introduced by diamond burs during adjustments. Diamond-impregnated pre-polisher (blue) and final polisher (pink) spiral wheels provide for a high-gloss final polish. The adjusters, pre-polishers and final polishers are autoclavable. ASAP INDIRECT+ is available in a starter kit containing three adjusters (one each in disc, point and cylinder shapes), one spiral wheel pre-polisher (blue) and one spiral wheel final polisher (pink). In addition, a refill pack is available containing two polishers (1 ea: pre-polisher and final polisher), as well as refill packs containing either three pre-polishers, final polishers, or point, cylinder or disc adjusters.