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B.J.M. Laboratories

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Cement didn’t wash out in the two weeks the temporary crowns or bridges were on.”
  • “Extremely strong for cases that have minimal retention.”
  • “Easy cement removal from margins following the gel set stage.”
  • “Very little sensitivity.”
  • “Strong retention.”
  • “Setting time could be faster.”

Clinical Tips

  • Place a small amount of Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) around the margin rather than filling the entire temporary crown.
  • Store under refrigeration.


Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) is a non-eugenol, resin-based temporary cement indicated for cementation of provisional crowns and bridges. Q-Temp has a two-stage curing process: an initial gel phase in 90-120 seconds and a rigid, fi nal set in four to five minutes. Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) contains potassium nitrate and chlorhexidine and releases fluoride. The cement is a neutral shade with a light pink tint. Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) comes in a 5 mL automix syringe with 10 mixing tips. Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) was evaluated by 32 consultants in 457 uses. This temporary cement received an 85% clinical rating.

Product Features

Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) is supplied in an automix syringe that is neat and easy to use. The cement has a creamy consistency that flows well and does not impede seating the provisional restoration.  The neutral color of Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) is useful with anterior restorations when avoiding shine-through of the cement is necessary for esthetics. Excess cement peels off cleanly during the gel stage; if allowed to fully set, the cement is very hard to clean off the margins. Q-Temp (B.J.M. Laboratories) provides excellent retention, and provisionals can be difficult to remove. Upon removal, most of the cement adheres to the temporary, leaving little cement on the tooth. Observation of dark stain on the prepared tooth was noted by 25% of consultants.