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Consultants’ Comments

  • Q-CERAM is very simple to use.”
  • “A simple and easy product that is well worth the additional time.”
  • “Make sure to leave it on the surface for an adequate time and let it dry.”
  • “If it actually improves bonding, then I would rate it higher and switch.”
  • “Waiting for 2 minutes is too long.”

 Evaluation Highlights

  • Q-CERAM was evaluated by 26 consultants, with an average of 17 uses per consultant.


  • “Only dispense the primer when you are ready to use it as it evaporates quickly.”
  • “Other primers do not need two minutes and then drying for 20 seconds. This might play a part in a decision to switch or recommend.”
  • “Clearer instructions that no etching is required would be good.”
  • “The bottle could be a little easier to dispense drops – my assistant often poured too much out.”
  • “If the primer were a bit more fluid, it would be easier to use it with a microbrush.”
  • “Need to see research comparing it to other materials.”


Q-CERAM is a one-bottle primer/surface conditioner indicated for ceramic materials, including porcelain and zirconia, and is applied to the inner surface (intaglio) of ceramic crowns, veneers and inlays. It is formulated to improve bond strength to resin-based cements, without the need for sand blasting or other conditioning. After cleaning the ceramic surface with alcohol and drying it with oil-free air, Q-CERAM is applied liberally. Its low viscosity and wettability help it flow and coat the surface. The primer is left on the surface undisturbed for 2 minutes, before drying it gently for 20 seconds with oil-free air and then proceeding with bonding. Q-CERAM comes with a mixing well, microbrushes and a laminated procedure card. This primer can also be used to prepare fractured ceramic crowns prior to repair.