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PURELL Healthcare Surface Disinfecting Wipes

GoJo Industries


  • 45 Clinical Evaluators
  • 2,707 Total Uses
  • 93% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • ““I feel confident that pathogens are getting killed and killed fast, but they also don’t feel super harsh like other wipes.”
  • “ Excellent product with brand recognition. Patients liked that.”
  • “My dental assistant loves these wipes – less odor and easy to use.”
  • “The saturation level was perfect, not too wet or dry. The size of the wipe enabled me to use one wipe to clean an entire operatory.”
  • “The material and size of the wipe are better than any other brand of wipes we’ve used.” 
  • “Non-staining on surfaces.”
  • “Scent could be ‘cleaner’.”
  • “There was a bit of residue left behind on my equipment, but it wasn’t any worse than what I find with my current product.”


  • Compatible on most hard, nonporous surfaces and electronic devices.
  • You can use these wipes on food-contact surfaces, with no rinse required.



PURELL Healthcare Surface Disinfecting Wipes are a broad-spectrum healthcare grade disinfectant:

  • Effective against bacteria, enveloped viruses, non-enveloped viruses, and bloodborne pathogens
  • Category IV: EPA’s lowest toxicity rating
  • 20% ethyl alcohol
  • Rapid kill times of 1-minute or less for 30 organisms and 2-minute kill time for remaining
  • Kills SARS-CoV-2 in 30 seconds
  • Overall kills 36 organisms

Unique Attributes

  • Large wipes that feel like cloth
  • Saturated enough to cover a large surface area with one wipe
  • Clinical Tip

  • As with any alcohol-based surface disinfectant, make sure to completely close the lid between uses to avoid evaporation of the alcohol.