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Prelude (BG)

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “This is a very complete system.”
  • “Effectively bonds composite cores.”
  • “It is quick to use.”
  • “The components have a strong acetone odor.”
  • “I prefer a more viscous resin.”


<STRONG>gt;Prelude is a nano-hybrid, light-cured dental adhesive system with an optional dual-cured activator. The system includes a self-etching primer; alternatively, the adhesive may be used with the total-etch technique. It is indicated for use with direct or indirect procedures to bond composite to dentin, enamel and porcelain and is compatible with all composites and compomers. The self-etch technique requires the application of a primer followed by the adhesive and then light curing for 10 seconds. Prelude Dual/Self-Cure Link is included for bonding direct self- and dual-cured composites and indirect restorations. The self-etch kit contains one, 5-ml bottle each of primer, adhesive and dual-cured activator along with accessories. For the total-etch technique, the tooth surface is treated with phosphoric acid and rinsed; then the adhesive is applied and light cured for 10 seconds. The total-etch kit contains one, 5-ml bottle each of adhesive and desensitizer, 5 g of etchant and accessories. Twenty-four consultants evaluated Prelude self-etch in 461 clinical restorations. This product received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

Prelude is neatly packaged in a small plastic box for easy storage, and it contains illustrated and written directions for each clinical technique. Prelude dispenses easily from the bottles, and application time is relatively quick. The low viscosity of the primer and adhesive makes application easy; both primer and adhesive wet the tooth surface very effectively. The inclusion of Prelude Dual/Self-Cure Link makes this adhesive system versatile, providing the ability to bond self-cured materials such as composite cores. The low film thickness does not interfere with the seating of indirect restorations. The lack of postoperative sensitivity was rated as excellent. Eighty-six percent of consultants rated Prelude equivalent to or better than their current bonding system. Seventy-five percent stated they would switch to Prelude and 83% would recommend it.


Bond Strength to Tooth Structure, MPa

Enamel Dentin
Prelude 25 27

Editors’ Note: The original evaluation was published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 22, No. 9, November 2005.