Power Twist Periotomes

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I would definitely add Power Twist Periotomes to my selection of extraction instruments.”
  • “For some clinical situations, the blade design facilitated much easier removal of badly fractured teeth and root tips compared to my other periotomes.”
  • “The angled periotomes are useful as root tip elevators.”
  • “The twist is to ‘tight’ for some situations.”

Clinical Tip

For removal of a tooth fragment, place the tip of the periotome in the gingival sulcus and apply pressure apically. Once engaged, continue to apply pressure and slowly begin to twist the periotome around the root. Twist and lift until the fragment is dislodged.


Power Twist Periotomes, with their uniquely twisted blades, are designed to easily engage and cut periodontal ligaments. The twisted blades follow the contours of the roots facilitating the removal of root fragments. There are four Power Twist Periotomes available: Anterior Right, Anterior Left, Posterior Right, and Posterior Left. The anterior pair have straight blades, while the posterior pair are angled for access. They may be purchased in a set of four, separately, or as part of the Power Elevator System. The Power Elevator Elevators were evaluated by eight consultants in 207 uses. This set of extraction instruments received a 90% clinical rating.

Product Features

The Power Twist Periotomes had sharp edges that cut the periodontal ligament (PDL) cleanly and efficiently. The corkscrew-shape of the twist allowed the user to spiral the instrument down, around the root, cutting the PDL circumferentially. The contour of the handles provided an ergonomic grip that was conducive to the twisting motion. Consultants found Power Twist Periotomes to be especially useful on teeth that were broken or sectioned, with minimal coronal tooth structure present.

Suggested Retail Cost

$        380 / set of 4