Power Elevator System

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “The Power Elevator System allows a traumatic extraction of certain teeth that may have otherwise required flap surgery.”
  • “Very unique and useful at delivering teeth with minimal trauma.”
  • “I loved the handles and the unique tip designs on the Power Twist Periotomes.”
  • “The Power Curettes are excellent and very effective with fibrous granulation tissue.”
  • “The rotating pad feature makes the Power Elevator Forceps more versatile.”
  • “The Power Elevator Forceps were difficult to position, especially in the posterior when a patient had limited opening.”
  • “They are much different than traditional oral surgery instruments and there is definitely a learning curve.”

Clinical Tips

  • It is recommended to place gauze between the rotating pad and the soft tissue, both protecting the patient and causing the handles of the Power Elevator Forceps to widen, making it easier to rotate.
  • Silicone pads on the Power Elevator Forceps are disposable.


The Power Elevator System is a set of instruments for a wide range of extraction cases. The system includes two Power Elevator Forceps, four Power Twist Periotomes, two Power Curettes, and a Power Flap Opener in a sterilization cassette. The instruments and technique rely on leverage rather than force. The set of two opposing Power Elevator Forceps utilize a “bear-claw” and a rotating pad to grip the tooth. The “bear-claw” is designed to grip any tooth or root without slipping and without the need for a purchase point, while the rotating pad will engage any surface automatically, allowing for multiple angles of approach. Both Power Elevator Forceps are used for each extraction. After achieving 1-3 mm of lift with the first instrument, the opposing instrument is used to achieve mobility. The four Power Twist Periotomes are designed to engage and cut periodontal ligaments with their unique twisted blades that follow the contours of the roots. The Power Flap Opener has a double-sided blade, enabling it to sever buccal or lingual ligaments of any posterior tooth and doubles as a flap opener. Two double-ended, serrated Power Curettes have buccal/lingual and mesial/distal orientations and are for post-extraction use. The Power Elevator System was evaluated by eight consultants in 135 uses. This system of extraction instruments received a 85% clinical rating.

Product Features

The Power Elevator System included various instruments for extraction procedures. The most unique were the forceps, which required a steep learning curve to use effectively. Once dentists were able to overcome challenges in instrument placement and access, they were useful in some extraction cases. Consultants overwhelmingly liked the Power Twist Periotomes for their ability to slide into the PDL space and sever the ligaments. The serrated edges on the Power Curettes were effective in scraping debris from the socket and establishing bleeding if needed.

Suggested Retail Cost

$        1660/system