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Consultants’ Comments

  • “As safe as it is effective.”
  • OPTIM1 is easy to use, has no aerosol, is easy on sensitive skin, and does not produce eye reactions.”
  • “Great scent and seemed to clean very well.”
  • “Did not leave a film on surfaces.”
  • “Extremely quick action while having broad-spectrum effectiveness.”
  • “No smell, no residue.”
  • “Not too wet and the wipes clean really well.”
  • “Easy to dispense from the container.”
  • “We like the one-step process, it is easier and the two-step process is too time consuming”
  • “We will switch to OPTIM1 as it is less irritating.”

Clinical Tips

  • Pull out wipe at a 45 degree angle to avoid pulling out multiple wipes.
  • When switching to OPTIM1 rinse all surfaces with soap and water to remove any residual residue from your previous disinfectant.

Evaluation Highlights

  • OPTIM1 was evaluated by 37 consultants.
  • OPTIM1 wipes are easy to use, and do not dry out too quickly or too slowly.
  • Easy on sensitive skin and did not produce eye reactions.
  • Great scent and cleaned very well. Scent was a bit strong.
  • Did not leave a film or residue on surfaces, nor did it stain surfaces.
  • Quick acting, while having broad-spectrum effectiveness.
  • Excellent kill times.


OPTIM1 is a one-step disinfectant and cleaner wipe with a 1-minute TB kill time and bactericidal claim, and 30-second virucidal and fungicidal claims. It is EPA-registered and the wipes are designed to hold sufficient liquid to meet its contact times. OPTIM1 contains 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down naturally into water and oxygen, in a proprietary formulation and has a natural scent. The manufacturer recommends to rinse all surfaces with soap and water when switching to OPTIM1 to remove any residual residue from your previous disinfectant. OPTIM1 is nontoxic and nonirritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It is listed as a category IV, the EPA’s lowest toxicity category requiring no precautionary or hazard warnings. No GHS symbols or communication are required. OPTIM 1 is also compatible with all clinical contact surfaces, including dental chairs.


Use for cleaning and disinfecting of clinical contact surface in accordance with infection control recommendations.

Unique Features

OPTIM1 is a proprietary formulation with a 1-minute kill time that is suitable for use on all clinical contact surfaces and can be safely handled.