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  • 33 Clinical Evaluators
  • 629 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The color matching was superb. I already use OMNICHROMA and this is a great addition to the family of products.”
  • “I prefer to use flowable for Class V restorations, and I like the esthetics of OMNICHROMA. Now I can have it all!”
  • “It streamlined our workflow by limiting the need for additional shades.”
  • “The BLOCKER is great for implant screw holes! Looks perfect.”
  • “The BLOCKER is an excellent tool. Use it to mask show-through from the oral environment.”
  • “No air bubbles!”
  • “I would like to see a low flow and high flow version.”
  • “In some cases, you may need to use the BLOCKER even when not indicated to get a good shade match.”


  • All classes of direct anterior and posterior restorations
  • Cavity base or liner
  • Repair of porcelain/composite

Clinical Tips

  • You may need to use the BLOCKER more than you think. If there is any brown or gray in a Class I case, then use the BLOCKER; otherwise, your restoration is going to look gray.
  • Do not worry about the pre-cured shade; it will match after curing.





OMNICHROMA Flow is a flowable composite that:

  • Utilizes Smart Chromatic Technology, with supra-nano, uniformly-sized spherical fillers
  • One shade recreates all tooth shades from A1 to D4
  • Obtains high polishability and luster
  • Features high compressive and flexural strength
  • Has low polymerization shrinkage

Unique Attributes

  • OMNICHROMA Flow – one shade technology in a flowable composite
  • Highly filled flowable that can be used for all cavity classes
  • Supplemental OMNICHROMA BLOCKER Flow that can be used in conjunction with OMNICHROMA Flow to mask tooth stains. It can also be used to overcome shade-matching interference due to little tooth structure and lack of surrounding dentition.