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  • 37 Clinical Evaluators
  • 869 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “It was amazing for Class I composites and small repairs. You cannot even see the margin! Very impressive.”
  • “Nice middle of the road consistency for most functions.”
  • “Works well for cervical restorations and as a bulk fill under occlusal restorations.”
  • “Easy esthetics and I love the bulk fill option.”
  • “I tried this for Invisalign buttons and they blended with the teeth really well.”
  • “Easy to use and super-fast.”
  • “Slightly too translucent and slightly slumpy – but expectedly so given it’s flowable nature.”


  • All classes of direct anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Cavity base or liner.
  • Repair of porcelain/composite.

Clinical Tips

  • Cure fast. Do not let it sit too long as it will flow with gravity.
  • Stain must be blocked out, otherwise it will show though. Especially if replacing an amalgam.
  • Use the blocker, but don’t use too much or else it becomes too white and fails to pick up shade from surrounding tooth structure.


OMNICHROMA Flow BULK_Flow+summary
OMNICHROMA Flow BULK+recommend


OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is a single-shade bulk-fill composite:

  • One shade recreates all tooth shades from A1 to D4.
  • 3.5mm bulk fill.
  • Relies on Smart Chromatic Technology and structural color to shade match.
  • Supra-nano spherical fillers, 260 nm all equal in size & shape.

Unique Attributes

  • The shade matching capability of OMNICHROMA in a bulk-fill flow.
  • Shade matching can be maximized by utilizing the OMNICHROMA Blocker Flow material in addition to OMNICHROMA Flow BULK. This can also help adjust translucency.