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Monarch CleanStream


  • 33 Clinical Evaluators
  • 694 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The dispenser is the best part. Very easy to use and easy to teach new people with no guess work. This design is a win.”
  • “The fresh smell is amazing!”
  • “It really does eliminate odor in the evacuation lines.”
  • “We experienced improved suction after just one use.”
  • “Can suction hands free and use in multiple rooms without having to refill after each room.”
  • “Our suction lines didn’t always stay attached to dispensing container.”
  • “It took a little longer than our current method.”


  • Cleans and deodorizes evacuation lines for all wet and dry vacuum systems

Clinical Tips

  • Be patient, check your suction power for comparison
  • Important to use at the end of each day
  • Be sure to hold the container while flushing the lines, or else the container will tip, and the hoses will detach





Monarch CleanStream evacuation line cleaner is:

  • Designed for daily cleaning, penetrates and helps remove line buildup, while maintaining vacuum performance and increasing suction
  • A non-foaming, non-enzymatic concentrated formula and lasts up to 5 days if pre-mixed
  • Compliant with BMP for dental amalgam waste, non-oxidizing and has a pH of 7-8
  • Non-corrosive

Unique Attributes

  • Innovative dispenser system with Vortex™ technology to atomize the mixture to clean the entire tubing walls.
  • The system holds enough line cleaner for two operatories. When one operatory is complete, it automatically stops suctioning and is ready to move to the second operatory.
  • Many clinical evaluators saw enhanced suction power of up to 43% in underperforming operatories.
  • The use of flowmeters increased the evaluators’ awareness of the importance of suction power, which is critical for effective aerosol capture.

Click here to read an expanded version of the Monarch CleanStream evaluation which includes measuring suction power before and after use.