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AQ Solution

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Love the product and the time it saves!”
  • “Incredibly potent and effective.”
  • “It had a clean, fresh smell.”
  • “Noted a difference in the strength of my suction after the first use.”
  • “Less solution to run through than others.”
  • “There was not much difference in my trap when I cleaned it.”
  • “The bottle that you fill in order to put suctions on was small and created a mess.”


  • Remove existing build-up in evacuation lines
  • Maintain evacuation lines

Clinical Tips

  • Hold the straws from the water bottles in place when connecting and removing HVE and SE.
  • Make sure to follow the start up directions first before going to twice a week.

Unique Attributes

  • Made with 100% recycled water
  • Living microbes break down and digest the buildup in evacuation lines, pipes, traps, and amalgam separators
  • Decreases buildup in traps
  • Does not require daily use to be effective
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AQ Solution, microbial and enzymatic evacuation line cleaner:

  • Has a PH neutral formula that complies with EPA Mandates
  • Is the most environmentally friendly cleaner on the market
  • Contains microbes that continue working between uses
  • Minimizes the need for trap cleaning
  • Is amalgam containment system approved