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MI Paste ONE Perio

GC America, Inc


  •   41 Clinical Evaluators
  • 958 Total Uses
  • 89% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “It had the consistency and flavor of any other regular toothpaste.”
  • “Made my teeth feel clean and smooth after using even though it did not feel abrasive at all. “
  • “I’m a big fan of MI Paste, so this is a great addition.”
  • “Post op sensitivity was reduced drastically while using MI Paste ONE Perio.”
  • “ I like this concept for ortho patients.”
  • “Make a larger tube with a flip-top cap.”


MI Paste ONE Perio is a one-step, stannous fluoride toothpaste which contains RECALDENT.

Clinical Tip

  • Provide printed instructions for the patient so that changes in routine will be remembered.
  • Demonstrate the amount of paste to be used so that it is not over a pea size, as most people tend to use a ribbon.
  • Recommend to your referring orthodontist to use on all mutual orthodontic patients.


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Unique Attributes

  • Contains stannous fluoride which effectively creates a long-lasting, anti-biofilm to help prevent and treat gingivitis
  • Penetrates biofilms and enamel.
  • Binds to tooth surfaces to localize bio-available minerals of calcium, phosphate and fluoride.
  • Works as emulsifier and chelating agent for effective stain removal.


  • For use as an everyday toothpaste
  • Great for patients at high risk for caries or sensitivity, ortho patients and those with active gingivitis
  • 2-in-1 application: Contains anti-gingivitis toothpaste and MI Paste Plus