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Archtek Toothpaste Tablets

Archtek, Inc.


Archtek Toothpaste Tablets are chewable, unit-dose tablets to be used for regular tooth brushing instead of toothpaste. The tablets are easier for people with relevant physical limitations to use and are more sanitary than traditional tubes of toothpaste because there is no microbial transmission from the toothbrush swiping the end of the tube. The tablets are fluoride-free and contain xylitol and a cranberry extract to help reduce the formation of plaque. The 60-count bottle is available in a fresh mint flavor, and unlike toothpaste tubes, the package is totally recyclable. Archtek Toothpaste Tablets were used by 41 patients. The product received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Patients liked the convenience of Archtek Toothpaste Tablets and reported that their teeth felt clean after use. The tablets are hard and crunchy and can leave some residue in the occlusal pits and fissures. Once the tablet is chewed, brushing activates the formation of a foam that is similar to brushing with toothpaste. Twenty percent of patients reported that Archtek Toothpaste Tablets were better than their current toothpaste and 26% reported they were equivalent. Twenty-nine percent would switch to Archtek Toothpaste Tablets and 59% would recommend the product.