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Imprint 4

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good material – better than most VPS materials I have used in the past.”
  • “Quick setting time – patients loved how fast it set.”
  • “I never had a retake with this material in spite of some difficult subgingival preparations.”


Imprint 4 impression materials are vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) materials indicated for all standard impression techniques. They are 3M ESPE’s newest generation of addition-cured silicones reported to provide “super quick” setting characteristics and significantly improved hydrophilicity. Imprint 4 materials are formulated to have superior hydrophilic properties for exceptional detail and accelerated setting due to an “active self warming” chemical reaction. The Imprint 4 line includes tray and wash materials available in regular and Super Quick set with a peppermint flavor. Super Quick setting materials are indicated for one- or two-unit impressions. Viscosities include putty, heavy, and light in 5:1 foil packages for Pentamix devices and 50 mL automix cartridges for use with dispensing guns.

Imprint 4 Working Time Setting Time
Regular Set (Tray/Wash) 2:00 2:00
Regular Set (Putty) 1:30 2:30
Super Quick Set
1:15 1:15

Imprint 4 was evaluated by 36 consultants in 521 uses. This impression material earned a 97% clinical rating.


Product Highlights

Imprint 4 was chosen for excellent detail, fast setting time and unique fast set, and excellent hydrophilicity.  Color contrast between viscosities is ideal. 
Eighty-six percent would switch to Imprint 4 and would recommend it to a colleague.