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iLumi Fiber Optic Dental Post

iLumi Sciences, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The drills are nicely matched with the post size, making placement very predictable.”
  • “Good radiopacity”
  • “Blister packs keep posts clean until ready for use.”
  • “Good color coding between drills and posts.”
  • “Organize posts and drills in a compact kit; provide a bur block for drills.”
  • “Posts smaller than 1.35 mm would be useful.”
  • “Include millimeter markings on the drills.”


iLumi Fiber Optic Dental Posts consist of microfiber cores that are thermally coated with low refractive index, optical glass.  This coating provides excellent light transmission and efficient and effective light curing, deep into the root canal. Additionally, iLumi Fiber Optic Dental Posts are radiopaque, provide uniform flexibility and are easy to grind to desired length. Posts are tapered at the apical end and are available in six diameters: 1.35, 1.47, 1.67, 1.83, 2.04 and 2.22 mm. Matching post drills are available. iLumi Fiber Optic Dental Posts were evaluated in the three smallest sizes, by 22 consultants, in 165 uses. This fiber post received a 91% clinical rating.

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Product Features

Consultants found that iLumi Fiber Optic Dental Posts and drills were accurately matched, resulting in very good adaptation of the post to the tooth. Drills are marked with color to match the removable rubber stoppers on the posts, ensuring easy visual identification. Blister packs keep the posts organized, and they are easy to open during the procedure. The frosted white color of the posts offer an esthetic solution for restoring teeth, and the material provides excellent light transmission during curing of the resin cement. Posts are readily apparent on radiographs.

Clinical Tips

Trim length from occlusal aspect of the post after it is bonded in place.