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Super Fiber Post

iLumi Sciences, Inc.


  • 31 Clinical Evaluators
  • 218 Total Uses
  • 93% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The radiopacity was the best I’ve seen!”
  • “Love the ease of use and individual packs, it makes placement quick and easy.”
  • “Cutting excess was super easy.”
  • “Cementation was easy since the posts are pre-primed.”
  • “The post prep drills were easy to use and left a clean surface.”
  • “The posts adapted very well to the canals and were very radiopaque.”
  • “I liked the posts a lot but was disappointed in the drills.”
  • “The coronal portion of the post was substantial in size compared to others.”
  • “I liked the blister packs and the color coding.”
  • “Great light transmission and the instructions for use are good.”
  • “The drills did not cut dentin very well.”
  • “The packaging is not very convenient or sturdy.”
  • “I would like longer posts.”


  • One-step post and core buildup procedures
  • Use with light-cured or dual-cured core-buildup material

Clinical Tips

  • Use other post drills to just smaller than post you will use, then use coordinating drill from kit.
  • Remember to remove 2 mm of the coronal dentin per the instructions.
  • On some occasions I removed the stoppers as they were in the way.



Super Fiber Posts:

  • “Total internal reflection” provides excellent light transmission for effective curing
  • Elasticity similar to dentin with low modulus of elasticity
  • High radiopacity
  • Color-coded stopper indicating size of post
  • Pre-primed surface
  • Packaged individually in blister packs

Unique Attributes

  • Pre-primed surface
  • Hygienic packaged in blister packs