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Helios 3000 LED Operating Light

Pelton & Crane

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent illumination.”
  • “Helios 3000 has auto shutoff when you push the light up.”
  • “Light is heavy and sturdy.”
  • “The silver on the face of the reflective shield is hard to keep streak free.”


Helios 3000 LED Operating Light is an LED dental light with multiple intensity options and automatic shut-off capabilities. Helios 3000 is available in seven mounting variations: Track, Ceiling, Cabinet, Wall, Post, PMU, and Ellipse Mounted. The light provides advanced positioning capabilities and enhanced ergonomics for precise and efficient illumination of the oral cavity. It features patent-pending LED technology designed to deliver a precisely calibrated 7.6 x 15.2 cm light pattern. The light has long LED life expectancy, virtually no radiant heat, and dual Kelvin settings (5000 and 4200 K) for shade matching. The light has a mode to avoid premature curing of light-activated resin. Helios 3000 was evaluated by 8 consultants in 2200 uses. It received a 97% rating.

Equipment Features

Consultants unanimously agreed that Helios 3000 is an attractive, modern-looking light that provides excellent illumination. The auto on/off feature is conveniently activated by raising or lowering the light. The rectangular light pattern sufficiently illuminates the oral cavity without getting in the patient’s eyes. The unit contains a fan for cooling the diodes. The fan noise is minimal and received no negative comments from consultants. Several consultants reported that the silver reflector was difficult to clean without streaking. Seventy-five percent of consultants reported that Helios 3000 was better than other dental lights and would switch to it and recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Rectangular pattern of light is focused on the oral cavity. When the patient moves or rolls their head, the light must be moved.