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A-dec LED

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great illumination.”
  • “The cure safe-mode was extremely useful when doing multiple fillings on posterior teeth.”
  • “Light stays in position – no drifting.”
  • “Buttons can be accessed from either side of the chair.”
  • “Love this light!”


The A-dec LED dental light features intensity settings of 15,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lux, plus a cure-safe mode providing 25,000 lux of only yellow light. The 5000°K color temperature is a neutral, white light with a color rending index (CRI) of 90 out of 100. Eight white and four yellow LEDs are arranged in a “stadium” pattern that minimizes shadows and produces a rectangular light pattern with feathered edges. A unique heat-sink design keeps the light cool without a fan. Touchpad and automatic on/off controls for the light are available with A-dec chairs and delivery units. It has six mounting options and retrofit capability to older A-dec lights. The A-dec LED has a 20-year life for bulbs and light quality. The A-dec LED dental light was evaluated by six consultants over a four-month period and received a 97% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

A-dec LED provides excellent illumination and elimination of shadows in the operating area. Patients commented on the modern appearance of the light and noted that it did not shine in their eyes. No significant heat was detected during use. Buttons on the back of the light are easy to push with one hand, and indicators on the front of the unit show the intensity mode. A-dec LED rotates on three axes, making it easy to position. A clear splash shield covers and protects the LEDs. The shield remained crystal clear during the evaluation period, but is easily replaceable if scratched or damaged.