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Gibson™ Healthcare Single-Use Disposable Needles

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Needle is very sharp and slides smoothly into tissue.”
  • “Once screwed on, the threads of the hub lock onto the syringe better than other needles.”
  • “Dependable, high quality product!”
  • “Needles seemed less painful to patients.”
  • “I like the bevel orientation mark.”
  • “Needle seems to be slightly flexible.”
  • “I prefer needles packaged in a plastic tub insert or a box that can act as a dispenser.”
  • “The diameter of the needle is printed on the cap in millimeters (European designation) instead of gauge.”


Gibson™ Healthcare Single-Use Disposable Needles are single-use, sterile needles for the delivery of anesthetic. Each needle has a three-edge lancet grinding and a siliconized cannula for smooth entry and patient comfort. Each hub has a bevel marking and is threaded to ensure easy and safe handling. The needles are to be used with imperial thread injection syringes. To use, bend the cap to  break the heat seal, and remove the back-cap. Screw the needle on an anesthetic syringe and pull off the front cap. Note the bevel mark for optimal needle point location during injection. Gibson™ Healthcare Single-Use Disposable Needles are available in 25 G short/long, 27 G short/long, and 30 G short/x-short. Twenty-six clinical consultants used these injection needles in over 900 procedures. This product received a 95% clinical rating.

Product Features

Overall, clinical consultants found the characteristics of Gibson™ Healthcare Single-Use Disposable Needles superior compared to their current brand of injection needles. Patient comfort and smoothness of the injection were among the highest rated characteristics. The sharpness of the bevel, in combination with the good stiffness of the siliconized cannula, allows for smooth entry into tissue with improved comfort to patients. No problems were reported with the fit of the needle to the syringe or removal from the syringe. Ninety-one percent of consultants rated Gibson™ Healthcare Single-Use Disposable Needles equivalent to or better than their current injection needle, 70% indicated they would switch, and 78% would recommend Gibson™ Healthcare Single-Use Disposable Needles to their colleagues.

Editors’ Note: The manufacturer will be printing the needle measurements onto the cap in gauge (e.g. “G27 long”).