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GENTLEsilence LUX 6500 B

KaVo Dental

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Smooth operation. ”
  • “Low vibration.”
  • “My favorite handpiece!”
  • “Easy to attach the handpiece to the coupler and insert the bur.”
  • “Design a similar handpiece with a smaller head for pediatric patients and those with small mouths.”


GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B is a cellular-optic, air-driven, high-speed handpiece for tooth preparation in restorative and crown and bridge procedures. It has a quick connect attachment to the KaVo MULTIflex LUX coupler with 360° swivel. The handpiece operates at 38 psi and features a low noise output of 57dB. It has a medium-size head, 4-port water spray and push-button chuck. GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B now provides a replaceable microfilter to increase water spray quality and avoid clogged spray ports and an anti suck-back cartridge system. Sterilization by autoclave at 135°C is recommended. If maintained with KaVo QUATTROcare, the handpiece warranty, including the turbine, is 18 months. Ten consultants used GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B over a nine-month period. This handpiece received a 96% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B is a well-balanced, light-weight, ergonomically designed handpiece. The surface is slightly textured to prevent slipping. KaVo MULTIflex LUX coupler allows quick connection and smooth 360° swivel. Minimal noise and vibration were noted during operation. The size of the head and angle of the handpiece enable the operator to maximize access to posterior areas. The quality of the water spray and illumination were excellent, with no reports of clogging or reduction in light emission. Assistants reported easy maintenance using the KaVo QUATTROcare. No malfunctions were reported during the nine-month evaluation. Ninety percent of consultants reported GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B is equal to or better than their current handpiece and would purchase and recommend it to a colleague.