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Genie MagicMix

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Provides good detail and easy-to-read margins.”
  • “Best impression material I have used!”
  • “My patients liked the berry flavor and scent.”
  • “Bayonet tip and cartridge take time to install.”


Genie MagicMix is an addition silicone impression system dispensed by a new disposable cartridge for use in automatic mixing machines. Unlike other systems, Genie MagicMix is designed for use in any machine, including the Pentamix, Pentamix 2, and MixStar. A unique feature of Genie MagicMix is the reusable bayonet ring, which secures the mixing tip onto the automatic mixing machine. The material can be used for crown and bridge, denture, implant and other impressions, utilizing various techniques. The 380-ml cartridge material is available in heavy body and regular body, in either standard (4:30 set time) or rapid-set (2:10 set time). Genie regular, light-body and x-light-body materials are also available in either set time and are dispensed from standard 50-ml, 1:1 ratio automix cartridges. All viscosities have a light berry flavor. Genie MagicMix is packaged in a single 380-ml cartridge with 10 mixing tips and one bayonet ring. The mixing tips and bayonet ring may be purchased separately. Twenty-six consultants used Genie MagicMix in over 400 cases. This product received a 91% clinical rating.


Product Features

Dentists and dental assistants who evaluated Genie MagicMix were experienced in using machine-based dispensing systems with a variety of addition silicone and polyether impression materials. Consultants almost universally approved of the berry taste and scent, with patient acceptance being excellent. The cartridge packaging was rated as very good, although the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation of the cartridge and securing the bayonet ring were confusing to some consultants. Once installed, however, Genie MagicMix is a smooth and consistent material that dispenses easily. Impression trays are easy to load and seat in the mouth without excessive pressure. The variety of setting times and viscosities offers dentists versatility to manage virtually any impression situation. The fast-set material works especially well for impressions of single-tooth preparations. Many consultants commented that they needed more mixing tips to utilize all of the material contained in the 380-ml cartridge. Sixty-seven percent of consultants found Genie MagicMix to be equivalent to or better than their current impression material. Fifty percent would switch to it and 85% would recommend it to a colleague.