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EZ-Fit Translucent Post System

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Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The undercuts secure core material tenaciously.”
  • “Easy to use and consistent results.”
  • “The second tier makes it more secure.”
  • “Great physical characteristics.”
  • “Preparing the second tier requires longer chair time.”
  • “The posts are short for some teeth with longer roots.”
  • “I did not feel that the posts showed up very well on radiographs.”


  • Any procedure where a post is needed in the root canal to stabilize and support a restoration

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure there is adequate preparation for the wider positive seating head so the post will fit properly.
  • Have enough access opening to fit the shank of the second drill into the post preparation.
  • These drills are sharp! Angulation and canal size awareness is needed to avoid root penetration.

Unique Attributes

  • Undercuts in the positive seating head allow for greater core retention
  • Positive seating head for greater stability
  • Translucency reduces shadowing for a more esthetic final restoration and allows for curing light use
  • Multiple tiers countersink the post into the tooth preventing high apical stress under function





EZ-Fit® Translucent Post System is a highly translucent post system that:

  • Allows for optimal use of light-cured, dual-cured, and self-cured cements and core materials
  • Eliminates shadows through composite restorations at the crown
  • Has high strength due to unidirectional fibers
  • Has multiple tiers allowing for optimum dentin-to fiber contact
  • Evenly distributes stresses and maximizes retention
  • Has undercuts in shank that lock the post into the root, providing high post retention