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Cranberry 360 4-Ply Earloop Face Masks

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Very silky, breathable material.”
  • “Adapts well – be sure to use the correct size.”
  • “Very comfortable to wear.”
  • “I like the shape – it gives it a complete peripheral seal.”
  • “The pointed shape is a different look, but I can get used toit easily.”
  • “My microscope would fog up.”

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure you use the correct size – it makes a difference for comfort.
  • Straighten the metal nosepiece when you first remove it from the box and then adapt to your nose to reduce fogging.

Unique Attributes

  • Inner layer contains no dye, chemicals or lint
  • Lightweight, silky material

Evaluation Highlights

Cranberry 360 4-Ply Earloop Face Masks was evaluated by 12 consultants, with a total of 354 uses.

  • V-shaped design
  • Hydroguard outer layer
  • Two sizes
  • Complete peripheral seal
  • Available in ASTM Levels 2 and 3





Cranberry 360 4-Ply Earloop Face Masks:

  • Designed to provide full coverage protection with a complete peripheral seal
  • Form a V-shape when opened that provides extra breathing room and prevents the mask from collapsing during use
  • Include a curved-edge design to provide for a good fit with different face contours
  • Available in small and regular sizes in ASTM Levels 2 and 3