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ExciTE F Vivapen

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Convenient dispenser – no need to open a bottle, dispense a drop, wet a brush.”
  • “The dispensing system is awesome. The pen is convenient, clean and fast.”
  • “I could tell how much material was in the pen.”
  • “I could not always tell if the fibers on the tip were impregnated with adhesive.”
  • “Sometimes a challenge to get bonding agent out of tip – required several pumps.”
  • “Fuzzy tip wasn’t fuzzy enough – didn’t seem to disperse agent/scrub into tooth very well.”
  • “I would like to see a variety of tips, perhaps even an extending tip or an endo tip.”


ExciTE F VivaPen is a light-cured, nano-filled, fluoride-releasing, single-component adhesive for dentin and enamel bonding in conjunction with the total- etch technique. ExciTE F VivaPen is indicated as an adhesive is indicated for direct light-cured and dual-cured composite and compomer restorations as well as indirect all-ceramic and composite restorations (light-cured inlays, onlays, veneers). The VivaPen delivery form allows for direct application to the preparation. The new VivaPen features a more ergonomic design, integrated fill-level indicator and provides 120 applications. The fill-level indicator shows the plunger position as an indicator of how much material remains. This design prevents exposure of the material to light. Also new are printed instructions on the side of the pen. The kit contains a 2 ml ExciTE F VivaPen, 100 snap-on cannulas, 2 g syringe of Total Etch phosphoric acid, 10 Total Etch applicator tips, and manufacturer’s instructions. Twenty-three consultants used ExciTE F VivaPen in 798 uses. It received an 89% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants liked the ergonomic design and convenience of ExciTE F VivaPen. They also liked the new indicator window displaying the amount of liquid remaining in the pen. The dispensing tips are sturdy and maintained the bent angle but were too short for use in extremely deep preparations. Some consultants suggested that the fuzzy tips be improved by increasing the density of the fibers. Thirty-five percent of consultants reported that ExciTE F VivaPen was better than the bonding agent they were using, while 39% said it was equivalent. Fifty-two percent of consultants reported that they would switch to ExciTE F VivaPen and 65% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure you compress the blue rubber button firmly and more than once to get the adhesive on the tip. Touch the tip to a piece of paper before using to see if there is sufficient adhesive on it.

  • The product can be stored at room temperature.