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elements IC Obturation System

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very smooth injection of gutta percha.”
  • “I have a traditional elements™ obturation system, and the new elements™ IC is cordless and more ergonomic!”
  • “The gutta percha slightly backed up after extruding, which was nice.”
  • “I liked the speed that the system heated to my desired temperature.”
  • “I would prefer it if the time it takes for the plunger to travel through the hand piece to engage the cartridges was faster.”
  • “The unit would ‘time-out’ and automatically shut-off quicker than I would like.”
  • “The gutta percha cartridge tips were was to bend and insert into the canals.”

Clinical Tips

  • The unit has an automatic shut-off timer, so do not start warming the units too early or they may shut-off before you are ready to use them.
  • Do not overlook the included cartridge tip bender. It is very effective at obtaining the desired angulation of the gutta percha cartridge tips prior to obturating.
  • The smaller tips bend very easily. Be cautious when placing into the canals, as to not bend them out of shape.

Evaluation Key Features

The elements IC Obturation System:

  • Was evaluated by 9 consultants
  • Had an average of 17 uses per consultant
  • Received a 96% clinical rating


The elements™ IC Obturation system:

  • Cordless
  • Downpack heat source and backfill gutta percha extruding unit in one system
  • Inductive charging and extended battery life compared to previous versions
  • Backfill unit contains precise digital temperature control with rapid heating and adjustable heating range
  • Downpack unit features aerogel insulation for a high level of protection against heat