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Elements Free Cordless Continuous Wave Obturation

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “It is light, cordless and does exactly what you want it to.”
  • “Love this system and it is even greater in that it is lighter and cordless.”
  • “Portable, lightweight, and heats quickly. I also like the one-touch activation/deactivation ring.”
  • “Warming tip is convenient.”
  • “Produces great fills.”
  • “Could not hear the beep from the unit indicating the heating time within the canal.”
  • “It takes longer to heat up than the corded version.”

Clinical Tips

  • “Have your assistant start the backfill unit while you are using the Downpack heated plugger.”
  • “Carefully bend the tip of the gutta percha tip to fit it into hard-to-reach canals.”
  • “Ensure you have the correct hand plugger to correspond to the Downpack tip.”

Evaluation Highlights

  • The Elements Free Obturation System was evaluated by 9 consultants, with an average of 17 uses per consultant. It received a 96% clinical rating.


Elements Free Obturation System is a cordless, batteryoperated version of the original Elements Obturation System. It consists of a Downpack and motorized Backfill unit, utilizes the continuous wave obturation technique and is designed for use with the warm vertical condensation technique. The Downpack heats to 200°C in less than 0.5 seconds and has an adjustable heating range of 100 – 400°C, and extrusion of gutta percha is automated. A 360° one-touch activation/deactivation ring heats the plugger, and cartridges are single use