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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Concentric wheels – good selection of shapes.”
  • “Firm, reusable tips – they do not degrade quickly.”
  • “Produces polish without a lot of pressure.”
  • “Good polish after repeated sterilization cycles.”
  • “Infection control recommendations in the instructions are not relevant to US standards.”


Dimanto is a one-step polishing system for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing of composite restorations. The diamond-interspersed silicone polishers are suitable for repeated use. The recommended speed is 3,000-8,000 rpm. Dimanto can be used with or without water spray. Dimanto is provided in a five-piece kit containing a small point, a large point, a small cup, a large cup, and a lens. These are also available individually in 10-piece kits. Dimanto was evaluated by 27 consultants in 676 uses. It received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

Dimanto polishers were easy to use to achieve high gloss on composite restorations. The polishers were durable and maintained their shapes, even after repeated usage and sterilization. Consultants were pleased with the gloss produced by Dimanto, particularly when used with water spray. The selection of shapes is ideal, and the sizes are small enough to polish detailed anatomy of the restoration. The polishers are re-usable after sterilization. Thirty-seven percent of consultants reported that Dimanto was better than their current composite polishing system and 48% reported that it was equivalent. Sixty-three percent would switch to Dimanto and 89% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Do not use at speeds exceeding 20,000 rpm.

  • Do not use at speeds exceeding 20,000 rpm.

  • Works best following finishing with a fine diamond or carbide bur.

Editors’ Note:

The manufacturer is currently updating the directions for use to reflect US standards for infection control recommendations.