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Minnow Nano Composite Polishers

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great that they are single-use. Easy to use, efficient and don’t need any polishing paste.”
  • “They fit easily into pits and fissures. I absolutely loved the small size”
  • “A simple system that gives an excellent finish and high luster for composite restorations.”
  • “Soft and pliable, yet don’t break down or shred.”
  • “The points tend to break easily if you apply too much pressure. Apply only light pressure.”
  • “These polishers adapted really well to the tooth. The cup hugs the tooth and wraps line angles beautifully, and the points fit really well into occlusal grooves.”
  • “The cup was a little more flared and larger than I would like.”
  • “They wore out quickly when I used them on multiple restorations.”
  • “Excellent size selection. Best ever used for pits and fissures and occlusal anatomy.”
  • “They worked really well to remove heavy stain.”

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure to use them at the correct rpm range, they don’t function like a larger polisher with more surface area.
  • The cup is perfect for polishing Class Vs.
  • Make sure to use water to keep the area cool.
  • I found that they work best for me in addition to my regular polishers.
  • I used them with water in an electric slow speed. They gave a really nice sheen.

Evaluation Highlights

Minnow Nano Composite Polishers were evaluated by 33 consultants, and was used 695 times in total.

  • Easy to use.
  • Soft and pliable.
  • Adapt to teeth, and fit well into pits, fissures and occlusal grooves.
  • Single-use.
  • Excellent polish.

Special Features

  • No polishing paste is required.
  • Delivered in individually sterilized packs.
  • The Silitec process used for the diamond and aluminum oxide particles, makes the polishers durable and able to retain their profiles.


  • Polishing direct composite restorations


Minnow Nano Composite Polishers are single-use composite polishers that are used without polishing paste and sized to fit into pits and fissures without crumbling and breaking off during use. A maximum speed of 5,000 rpm should be used. The Minnow Satin (white polisher) is designed for everyday posterior restorations, fabricated with aluminum oxide and removes surface striations and anatomical defects leaving a smooth satin gloss surface. To polish, use the white Satin polishers for initial refining of the composite. Use dry and light pressure. Use water to keep the area cool if necessary. The Minnow Hi-Gloss (blue polisher) is designed to polish esthetic restorations, fabricated with diamond particles, and leaves a liquid luster gloss. The Hi-Gloss blue polisher should be used with feather-light pressure and water can be used for cooling if necessary. Minnow Nano Composite Polishers are available as polishing cups and points.