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D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very esthetic and blends well with tooth-colored core materials.”
  • “The drills are accurate in diameter to their corresponding posts.”
  • “Trim the post after cementation and core build-up during tooth preparation.”
  • “I would like to have more sizes available to match a larger variety of teeth.”
  • “The drills dull quickly.”


D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO posts are fabricated from unidirectional, pretensed fibers in a resin matrix. These posts have flexural strengths exceeding that of metal posts but their modulus of elasticity is very close to that of dentin. The low modulus distributes stresses along the post instead of concentrating the stresses in the remaining root structure as seen with metal posts. D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO posts are color coded for easy size identification, but the color disappears when the post is placed in the canal. The color will reappear when the post is sprayed with cold water to aid in post removal, if endodontic re-treatment becomes necessary. The posts are double tapered – they are parallel in the coronal section and have two separate tapers in the apical section. The posts are translucent to transmit light, allowing cementation with light- or dual-cured adhesives and cements. The posts are supplied in four diameters with corresponding reamers. This product received a 98% clinical rating.

Product Features

The D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO Intro Kit has a sufficient variety of posts for evaluation. The posts are packaged in clear plastic vials and the color coding of the posts matches the drill markings, which makes organization and size identification easy. The color-changing feature received positive comments. The pastel colors of the posts are apparent when cool water is applied, such as during tooth preparation. Upon warming, the color disappears, leaving a translucent natural color. None of the consultants could comment on the usefulness of the color change feature for post removal, since no re-treatments were required during this evaluation period. The reamers are effective in preparing a post hole and they are well matched to the corresponding posts, particularly with the double-taper design. 

Complete seating of the posts can be accomplished with a variety of different adhesives and cements, and the light transmission of the posts enhanced complete cure in the canal space. The composite cores bonded well to the roughened surface of the posts (pretreated by manufacturer) for excellent retention of the core material. The radiopacity of the posts was judged to be the best of currently available systems. Eighty-nine percent of the consultants rated D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO the same as or better than other fiber posts. Seventy-four percent would switch to this post and 92% would recommend it. 

The evaluation of D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO (extra radiopaque) was reported by all consultants to show a significant increase in the radiopacity of the D.T. Light Post Illusion. Laboratory testing showed that the radiopacity of the D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO had doubled. One hundred percent of evaluating consultants rated D.T.Light-Post Illusion X-RO as better than D.T. Light Post Illusion; one hundred percent would switch and recommend this product to their colleagues.

Editors’ Note:

Previously published as D.T. Light Post Illusion in THE DENTAL ADVISOR Vol. 26, No. 5, June 2009.