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Correct Plus

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Outstanding automix putty.”
  • “Tray material mixes and dispenses easily.”
  • “Crowns seat beautifully.”
  • “Light Body material stacks well.”
  • “Excellent bite registration material – the best I have used.”
  • “Seating impression tray requires some pressure.”


Correct Plus is a complete line of hydrophilic impression materials, which can be used for a variety of impression techniques. The following viscosities are available:

  • Light Body – Low viscosity with good flow; may be used with any tray material,
  • Thick ‘n Thin Thixotropic Light-Body – Similar to a medium-viscosity material during placement, but thinned by mouth temperature so that it flows around the tooth and into the sulcus; may be used with any tray material,
  • Universal Body – A medium-viscosity material, which can be used in a monophase technique or as a tray material with a low-viscosity material,
  • Tray Material – High-viscosity material, which can be used with both the Light Body and the Thick ‘n Thin Thixotropic Light Body viscosities,
  • Auto-mix Putty – A putty available in a cartridge,
  • Putty – A hand-mixed, putty tray material with very high viscosity (latex gloves may inhibit the set of putty if worn while mixing), and
  • Bite Superfast – A fast-setting bite registration material.

Except for the hand-mixed putty, all of the viscosities are supplied in 50-ml automix cartridges and include both mixing and intraoral tips. The average working time is 1.5 minutes and the setting time is 3 minutes. Twenty-one consultants used Correct Plus in making 258 impressions. Correct Plus is a highly recommended, multi-purpose impression system. It received a 91% rating.

Product Features

All of the cartridges, including the Injectable Putty, dispense material smoothy and consistently with very little pressure. The viscosity of the tray material was rated as very good while the Light Body and the Thick ‘n Thin Thixotropic Light Body viscosities were rated as good. The working and setting times listed for each box of materials ensure a predictable result for that material. The shorter working and setting times did not hinder the ability to obtain quality impressions. The lack of odor and taste and the faster setting time were appreciated by patients. Color contrast, ability to read the margins and the quality of the final impression were judged to be very good. The Auto-mix Putty dispenses easily and is ideal for a tray material. No crown remakes due to inaccurate impressions were reported during the 3-month evaluations period. Seventy-one percent of consultants would purchase Correct Plus, and 76% would recommend it.