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Cavex ImpreSafe

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I like the photo step by step guide; we posted it above the solution so any staff member could easily see how to use the product..”
  • “I feel I am acting more responsibly to my lab.”
  • “Offer a larger bath for orthodontic offices.”
  • “I loved the whole system. It was very easy to use and implement into our office.”
  • “Solution is easy to mix.”
  • “No mess and no smell.”
  • “Make timer louder.”


Cavex ImpreSafe is a highly concentrated disinfectant for alginate, polyether and silicone impressions. The solution is aldehyde-free and has a neutral odor. The manufacturer states that Cavex ImpreSafe needs only three minutes to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses and has no negative effect on the impression surface. The system includes a disinfection container, one liter of disinfection fluid concentrate, shipping bags and a timer. Each liter of concentrate makes 33 liters of usable solution. Cavex ImpreSafe was evaluated by 24 consultants in over 800 uses. It received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

Cavex ImpreSafe is easy for dental staff to integrate into their daily workflow. The three-minute immersion time is faster than that of other immersion disinfectants, and the timer included with the kit encourages compliance with soaking for the recommended time. Consultants commented on the lack of residue after rinsing. Seventy-one percent of consultants reported that Cavex ImpreSafe was better than their current method of impression disinfection, 79% would switch to Cavex ImpreSafe and 67% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Rinse the impression before disinfection.
  • Replace the solution weekly or when it is visibly contaminated.
  • Keep track of how old the solution is – write date of preparation in pencil on the top.