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BluTube® Dental Unit Water Purification Cartridge

ProEdge Dental Water Labs


  • 17 Clinical Evaluators
  • 25 Total Uses
  • 72 Total number of weeks evaluated
  • 90% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “I was not treating my waterlines before and now I feel like I am doing something for the overall health of the practice and patients.”
  • “Install once and you are done for 6 months.”
  • “I like the peace of mind from it being an iodine-based treatment.”
  • “Extremely easy to install!”
  • “They seem to work better than our current treatment. We definitely had better results after testing.”
  • “I was not previously using a straw system and did not like that you have to permanently adjust the size of your bottle tubing to accommodate a straw.”
  • “Easy to use and effective.”
  • “Shocking the system is an extra step in the system.”


  • Water purification for dental units with water bottle systems

Unique Attributes

  • Continual treatment of dental unit waterlines
  • Two-cartridge (aka straw) system:
    -The cartridges are replaced every 6 months
    -40% more active ingredient released over a one-year period than traditional one-year straws.





BluTube Dental Unit Water Purification Cartridge is a continuous waterline treatment for safe, compliant dental unit water quality. BluTube Dental Unit Water Purification Cartridge was designed with the latest research in treatment efficacy and specifically engineered to be safer patients and have better compliance from testing results.

  • Controls microbial contamination by eluting non-allergenic and elemental iodinated resin.
  • Two-cartridge system ensures effective protocol for up to one year
  • Two-cartridge system treats waterlines with 40% greater power.
  • Safe for patient contact, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-corrosive.
  • Includes 6-month automatic replacement indicator for convenient reminder and “dummy straw” for easy shocking.
  • Installs in minutes and can be used with tap or distilled water.