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BioRoot RCS

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Sealer can be mixed to any viscosity – thick or thin.”
  • “I like the potential for biocompatibility.”
  • “Great radiopacity.”
  • “Benefits of BioRoot RCS are more important than inconvenience of hand mixing.”
  • “Short working time.”
  • “Cannot place a post at the endodontic appointment.”

Clinical Tips

  • Perform trial mixes to establish the volume and powder/liquid ratio necessary to suit the user’s preferences.


BioRoot RCS
is a bioactive mineral, root canal sealer indicated for use in combination with gutta percha. BioRoot RCS utilizes Active BioSilicate Technology, which provides bioactive properties including biocompatibility, hydroxyapatite formation, mineralization of dentinal structure, and alkaline pH. BioRoot RCS has a working time of 10 minutes and a setting time of about 4 hours in the root canal. If retreatment is necessary, BioRoot RCS can be easily removed from the root canal. The material is supplied in a 15 g jar of powder with 35 unit dose packs of liquid. Recommended ratio is one scoop of powder to five drops of liquid. BioRoot RCS is recommended for use with a single cone technique or cold lateral condensation. BioRoot RCS was evaluated by 26 consultants in 226 endodontic procedures. This root canal sealer received an 86% clinical rating.


Product Features

BioRoot RCS offers dentists the confidence of biocompatibility and a mineral formulation that will not stain teeth. The powder/liquid components allow users to mix the sealer to their preferred viscosity by varying the ratio. The ratio recommended in the instructions, one scoop to five drops, produces a large volume of sealer, and can be altered as needed. BioRoot RCS flows well, creating a seal without using warm gutta percha. Because of the long setting time, post placement must be delayed until complete setting one week later.

Suggested Retail Cost

$ 149.00/kit