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Consultants’ Comments

  • Angie Line makes the dental experience fun for kids and offers a nice distraction.”
  • “Parents loved the Dental Album as an organized way to store exfoliated primary teeth.”
  • “The Flex Kids Saliva Ejector usually got a laugh from the patient and allowed them to bite on it. I even let them take it home to use as a drinking straw.”
  • “The more useful products were the ones that camouflaged scary dental equipment and made it fun.”
  • “Alligator Syringe Sleeve is incredibly cute – a great disguise if it fits your syringe/needle.”
  • Dental Friends are not a typical American design but have a goofy, cute appearance.”
  • “The saliva ejector tube needs to be bendable.”
  • “The Pin Buttons are sharp and not appropriate for little kids.”


The Angie Line includes pediatric products with fun and entertaining characters designed to diminish anxiety that children may have during a dental office visit. These are colorful products with unique characters called Dental Friends. They add a playful, interactive aspect to dental appointments. Angie Line includes a wide array of clinical products and take-home items.

  • Dappen Ring: Covered dish on an adjustable ring can hold prophy paste, bonding agent and other materials. It can be held by the clinician or the child and is autoclavable.
  • Dental Album: A plastic box with a rubber insert designed to hold and keep primary teeth.
  • Disposable Prophy Angle: A colorful character designed to look like a seahorse.
  • Flex Kids Saliva Ejector: Pre-angled tube with a colorful, flexible tip in the shape of an animal face.
  • Kids Triple Syringe: Pink or blue air/water syringe with an aluminum body and stainless steel tip. Comes with eye stickers to create a face.
  • Mouth Rest: Adjustable mouth prop in two sizes. Soft material is bright green with a character imprinted on the side and a hole for attaching floss.
  • Pin Buttons: A collection of six Dental Friends characters displayed on colorful pins provide a gift/prize to patients.
  • Retainer Case for Orthodontic Appliances: Colored cases stamped with Dental Friends characters for protection and storing of dental appliances. Case opens with a single touch and has an optional cord.
  • Retainer Case for Orthodontic Elastics: A plastic box in the format of Dental Friends characters holds orthodontic elastics.
  • Syringe Covers: Colorful covers with characters for plastic syringes of etchant, sealant, and flowable composites, designed to hide the applicator tip that can look intimidating. It can be sent home with the patient as a pencil decoration.
  • Syringe Sleeve: Alligator shaped anesthetic syringe cover that hides the needle from patient’s view during injection. It can be sterilized and re-used up to five times.

Angie Line was evaluated by 22 consultants during a three-month period. This line of pediatric products received an 86% clinical rating.

 Product Features

Dentists received an assortment of products from the Angie Line, and each office found different items useful. Reducing patients’ anxiety and making dental appointments a fun experience are important to dental professionals, and the Angie Line helps achieve these. The bright, clever designs are child friendly, and staff enjoyed them as well. The favorite products were the Disposable Prophy Angle, Dental Album, and Retainer Case for Orthodontic Appliances. The Mouth Rest is a cute design and fits very small mouths. Since most dentists use unit-dose prophy paste, the Dappen Ring is more useful for restorative appointments. The lid on the ring has limited durability. Of the offices that evaluated the Angie Line, the majority would add at least some of the products to their offices.