Month: February 2017

Product Award Shopping List for the CMWDM

Attending the CMWDM?  Use this list of Product Award Winners to find the booth numbers to Top Products from The Dental Advisor.

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Waterline Tip #4

If your source water is from an in-office distilling unit make sure to maintain those lines/tanks. Distilled water is definitely the preferred choice for source water because of its low mineral content. However, if you don’t maintain your distilling unit properly you are probably using highly contaminated water as your source water and your waterline […]

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Waterline Tip #3

Make sure to change the filters that are part of your dental unit waterlines. Before you disregard this waterline tip because you don’t think it pertains to your units, double check to make sure this is true. You may have these filters in your dental units and you don’t even know it.  Dental units that […]

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