ADA SCDP (Standards Committee on Dental Products)

Ms. Peri Nelson, Assistant Director of the Infection Control Lab at THE DENTAL ADVISOR, recently returned from the ADA SCDP (Standards Committee on Dental Products) annual meeting, where she participates with several working groups in the development of voluntary consensus standards. It is important that the working groups are comprised of volunteers from the profession, industry, academia, and government and with her research background she is able fit this role.  Make sure to look out for the latest standards on a new waterline testing method for biofilm treatment products.

Dr. Molinari and Ms. Nelson have also developed reprocessing validation testing to address the FDA guidelines for re-useable medical devices

THE DENTAL ADVISOR Infection Control Laboratory can provide this testing service, comparing worst case scenario testing as well as clinically relevant testing.  Contact THE DENTAL ADVISOR Infection Control laboratory to discuss testing recommendations for your products.