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G-aenial Bond

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GC America, Inc

Consultants' Comments

  • “Easy to apply, good dispensing method, good viscosity.”
  • “Bonding agent wets the tooth well - I didn't worry about missing an area.”
  • “I like that this bonding agent does not require refrigeration.”
  • “Product is sensitive to ambient light.”
  • “It evaporates very quickly.”


G-aenial Bond is a 7th-generation bonding agent designed for the selective etching technique (self-etch for dentin, etch and rinse for uncut enamel). This one-component, self-etching light-cured adhesive does not require refrigeration. It is indicated for the bonding of light-cured composites and compomers to tooth structure. It can also be used to bond dual-cured luting and core build up composites to tooth structure as long as these materials are light cured. Kit contents include a 5 ml bottle of G-aenial Bond, 50 disposable applicator tips, 20 disposable dispensing dishes, product literature, and IFU/instructions. G-aenial Bond was evaluated by 21 consultants in 792 uses. It received a 97% rating.

Suggested Retail Cost

 G-aenial Bond Kit (5 mL):  $156.00

Product Features

G-aenial Bond dispenses easily from its dropper bottle and the application technique is simple. Because this adhesive is formulated with acetone, it evaporates quickly and that can affect its application. Most consultants reported that the bonding agent wet the tooth well. Consultants appreciated that the bonding agent does not require refrigeration. Forty-three percent of consultants reported that G-aenial Bond was better than their current bonding agent and 48% reported that it was equivalent. Sixty-seven percent would switch to G-aenial Bond and 81% would recommend it.

Product Update - January 28, 2015

G-aenial Bond Unit Dose Product Update

G-aenial Bond is a 7th-generation adhesive that is now available in Unit Dose packaging. Each Unit Dose has 0.1 mL of adhesive in an easy-to-open container that is wide enough to insert the applicator brush and remove a generous volume of liquid on the tip. Fifty-seven percent of consultants preferred G-aenial Bond in the Unit Dose vials over the original 5 mL dropper bottle. The majority of dentists (86%) felt it was important that their bonding agent be compatible with multiple etching techniques. G-aenial Bond is designed for the selective etching technique (self-etch for dentin, etch and rinse for uncut enamel). Each box contains 50 Unit Dose G-aenial Bond and 50 applicator brushes.

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June 2011 Volume 28, No. 05

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