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Futurabond DC


Futurabond DC is a dual-cured, self-etching bonding agent (7th-generation) that is reinforced with nano-particles. It is indicated for use with direct light-, dual- or self-cured composite restorations and core build-ups plus cementation of posts and indirect restorations (inlays, crowns and bridges) with light-, dual-, or self-cured resin composite cements. The system includes two liquids – the self-etching bonding agent and the dual-cured activator. Futurabond DC is available in SingleDose blister packs or in 4-ml bottles. To use the blister pack, press the blister to allow mixing of the two liquids. Puncture the foil with the applicator brush and stir. Apply to the tooth for 20 seconds, air dry and light cure for 10 seconds. Futurabond DC SingleDose was evaluated by 18 Editors in over 370 cases. This product received a 96% clinical rating.


Evaluation Protocol

    • Futurabond DC SingleDose was evaluated by 18 Editors in over 370 cases.



Editors’ Observations

Manufacturer Instructions and Packaging
The SingleDose packets are compact and provide an adequate amount of material for multiple restorations. The product is packaged with an illustrated instruction card. Room temperature storage enhances the convenience of Futurabond DC, allowing it to be stored in the operatory, rather than under refrigeration.


Ease of Application/ Surface Wettability and Viscosity
The SingleDose blister is easy to activate and mix with the applicator brush included, but there is no way to determine visually if the product is adequately mixed. Futurabond DC consistently earned high ratings for its viscosity and wettability. Editors reported that it was easy to wet the tooth surface with the material and it was easy to apply. The entire bonding process is time-efficient.

Time Required for Bonding Procedure/ Usefulness for Various Procedures
Editors reported that Futurabond DC was quick to use, with a 35-second total procedure time: 20 seconds for application, five seconds for air dispersal, and 10 seconds for light curing. The system is versatile in its compatibility with common restorative and cementation procedures.

Lack of Patient Sensitivity
No postoperative sensitivity was reported during the evaluation period.

Clinical Tips

  • To avoid bending the brush head, puncture the foil of the SingleDose with the handle end of the applicator brush if you do not use the VOCO Single Tim brush.
  • When using Futurabond DC for post cementation, do not light cure the bonding agent in the post space.