Team Corner

May 5, 2015

Why not make it easy on yourself?

Carol Reed, RDA, CDA, Enspire Dental; Active member of THE DENTAL ADVISOR Editorial Board

If you’re working for a General dentist, chances are your office is placing composites multiple times a week. Now I know the Dr. is doing most of the work, but as an assistant there are certain items to use that can make it easier for you. After all, you’re the one sitting and passing armamentarium to help the procedure move along. Why not use something that takes less effort. Here are just a couple of items to make it easy on yourself.

Product: Estelite Sigma Quick Universal Composite (Tokuyama)
Reason Assistants like it:

  • Can use for anterior and posterior restorations (multipurpose)
  • The shades blend very nicely, esthetics beautiful (no need to layer)
  • Not sticky, easy to manipulate (Dr. can place fillings easier)
  • Polishes well (very little effort to achieve results)
  • This is a product that delivers every time making chairtime shorter
Product: PinkBand® is a silicone-coated matrix band
Reason Assistants like it:

  • The silicone coating prevents the composite from sticking to the band (makes the removal smooth and easy)
  • Thin, flexible band that does not collapse during placement
  • Improved moisture control
Product: Adhese Universal VivaPen (Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.)
Reason Assistants like it:

  • Bonding agent in a conveniently handheld pen (use as a self-etch or total-etch)
  • The tip already has a microbrush attached
  • The brush tip is saturated with two to three clicks of the button on the pen
Product: Multi-function Plugger Composite Instrument (Garrison Dental Solutions)
Reason Assistants like it:

  • Everything you need to place, shape and carve a composite is in this handy instrument (no need to hand off multiple instruments)
  • One end has a medium condenser with a ball burnisher, the other end has a small condenser with a anatomical burnisher (it’s like having 4 instruments in 1)
  • Also has a nonstick surface