Team Corner

November 3, 2015

Psst… Here’s the Tip – Easing the Stress of Cementing Large Cases

Cementing Large Cases

cementlargecases1Cementation day can be exciting for a patient, they have been in the temps for a couple weeks or more, and they can’t wait to see the final outcome.  Once the temps are off and the permanent crowns are tried in, make sure the patient likes the shade, shape, size, alignment and overall appearance of the new teeth. Let them know any changes they may want need to be done before cementation and may need to be sent back to the lab.  Cementing multiple crowns can create anxiety for some assistants.  There is a lot going on so you want to make sure your set up has all the important items you may or may not need.  Handling the crowns as well as handing them to the Doctor should be done carefully.   You do not want to drop them or mix them up.

*These are just a few suggestions and tips to help this procedure go smoothly.


CementsetupThe Set-Up

  • Use the tray cover to set up the crowns (veneers) to be cemented.
  • Write down the tooth number with lines drawn between them.
  • If cementing crowns and veneers write the initial “C” or “V” above the tooth number.
  • As you etch, rinse, prime or apply bond on the restorations, use the marked tray cover to place each restoration in the proper slot to eliminate any errors.
  • Having the model (dies) nearby to try on the restorations, can help make sure you have the teeth properly oriented.
  • Sometimes when its hard to tell the facial from the lingual surface, you can put a tiny dot on the facial with a sharpie when placing crown.
  • It will easily wipe off with alcohol.  teethcement


3 Must Have Items


Stabiliner (Crown Delta Corporation) is a try-in material used to try in the ceramic restorations on prepared teeth while the CementationStabelinerdoctor evaluates fit and esthetics prior to permanent cementation.  Easily peels out of crown after use. 


Variolink Esthetic DC 

Variolink Esthetic DC (Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.) is an adhesive luting cement for the permanent cementation of ceramic and composite restorations.  The System Kit  contains one syringe each of Warm, Neutral and Light shades of light-cure and dual-cure cement and try-in paste, it also has etching gel, Adhese Universal VivaPen bonding agent, Monobond Plus, Liquid Strip, and accessories. A great kit for anterior cementation.CementationVarioling


The NTI® Serrated Diamond Finishing Strip 

The NTI® Serrated Diamond Finishing Strip – (Kerr Rotary) features an ultra-thin strip and a 40mm diamond-free serrated edge in center for breaking interproximal contacts.  Great when cementing veneers.