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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Love the wireless feature of the foot pedal.”
  • “Relatively small unit – very portable.”
  • “Menu based on procedures is practical.”
  • “Touch screen requires strong finger pressure.”
  • “It would be helpful to have a retraction spool for the handpiece cord.”


The Zolar Photon is a portable diode laser that operates at a wavelength of 810 nm at 3 watts. It is recommended for soft tissue modification and preventive care. The unit includes a wireless foot pedal and a rechargeable lithium battery that provides 3.5 to 4 hours of usage. The Zolar Photon laser features an autoclavable hand piece, disposable and bendable tips, a touch screen monitor, 21 password-protected pre-set options, continuous or pulse mode, and on-board navigation technology with built in tutorials. The unit utilizes disposable, bendable tips. Each unit includes a sample pack of tips, protective glasses, battery charger and instructions along with a carrying case. A 10-watt version capable of teeth whitening is also available. Zolar Photon was evaluated by eight consultants during a three-month period. This soft tissue laser received a 96% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Consultants used Zolar Photon for a variety of soft tissue procedures. The pre-set parameters based on clinical procedures makes the unit very easy to set up and operate. Users can quickly change these settings as needed during the procedure. Common adjustments are increasing the wattage or changing between pulse and continuous modes. The on-screen menu is a little complex if saving the edited pre-sets is desired. The rechargeable battery and wireless foot pedal enhance the portability of the unit. The disposable tips avoid the large spool of fiber necessary on some units. The disposable tips included a long length of glass fiber; some consultants trimmed this shorter for improved ergonomics. Overall Zolar Photon performs soft tissue procedures efficiently and effectively.

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