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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Works great as a matrix for making a temporary crown.”
  • “Impressions turned out nicely each time!”
  • “I won’t go back to alginate.”
  • “Models from multiple pours are identical.”
  • “The dynamic mixer is more practical than the automix cartridges for full-arch impressions.”
  • “A fast setting version for quadrant impressions would be great.”


Xantasil is a medium-viscosity, VPS impression material designed as a substitute for alginate that allows for multiple pours and storage of impressions for several weeks. Common uses for Xantasil include templates for provisional restorations, orthodontic models, retainers, splints, and opposing models. Xantasil is available in 50 mL automix cartridges and 380 mL cartridges compatible with motorized mixing machines. Xantasil has a working time of one minute and a setting time of 1:30 in the mouth. Xantasil was evaluated by 26 consultants in 365 uses. This alginate substitute received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

The ability to delay pouring and to create multiple models from Xantasil impressions make it more useful than alginate for many purposes. The material is easy to extrude and seat in the mouth with a reasonably short setting time. Xantasil captures good detail; however, occasional voids at cervical areas beyond the height of contour were observed. The light orange color is easy to read. Stone models are easy to separate from the impressions and they have smooth surfaces. Appliances fabricated on models from Xantasil were reported to have an accurate fit.

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