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WAMKey – Remove safely crowns in 2 minutes, with 2 fingers AND give them a “2nd life.”

Specially designed for crown and bridge removal, WAMkey® is a quick, cost-effective and entirely trauma-free alternative to conventional crown pullers. Furthermore, in most cases, with WAMkey® you can permanently or temporarily reuse the crown or bridge, including porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns. This very user-friendly device differentiates itself from competitors by applying a dissociating action (or couple of forces) between the preparation’s occlusal surface and the crown’s inner side. The degree of force applied is astonishingly low and avoids all rocking movements. It’s perfectly axial action leaves the crown free to “choose” the path of least resistance, thereby totally eliminating all risk of damaging the preparation. The procedure generally takes only one to two minutes per crown. Much quicker than cutting the entire crown with a bur, this solution is also recommended for crown removal prior to root canal (re)treatment procedures and can be extremely useful during bridge abutment removal procedures.

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