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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I like the stylish frames.”
  • “The shield stays clear – it does not turn yellow or cloudy.”
  • “It is lightweight.”
  • “The shield is easy to change and clips onto my glasses.”
  • “Gold screws used to hold the frame together are a nice touch.”
  • “Minimal fogging.”
  • “It fits over my loupes and keeps them free of splatter.”
  • “The shield sometimes comes off of the frame when it is set down.”


Vista-Tec is a lightweight, full-face shield consisting of a removable clear plastic shield and a frame. The frame is available in white, clear and four translucent colors: yellow, blue, green, and pink. The height and angle of the frame can be adjusted for comfort and reduction of glare and fogging. When combined with an OSHA-compliant facemask, protection is provided for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Routine maintenance requires washing the shield in a mild soap and water solution or replacement of the shield. The kit contains one frame in any color, 10 shields and two Clipons (for attaching the shield to eyeglasses). Additional frames and shields are available separately. Vista-Tec was evaluated by 26 clinical consultants and their auxiliaries over a three-month period. This product received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

The manufacturer’s instructions are clearly written, concise, and include an order form for replacement components. Assembly of the shield is explained in color illustrations. The frame is very flexible, making it comfortable to wear without excessive pressure on the head, ears and bridge of the nose. Height and angle of the frame are easily adjusted and remain in position. The slim frame of Vista-Tec is unobtrusive and does not impede visibility. Patient acceptance to the appearance of the shield was very good. Dental hygienists and assistants liked having a choice of frame colors,and they especially liked the subtle, translucent colors. The Vista-Tec shield is clear; however, the curved surface can produce some glare. The shields are durable if cared for properly. Seventy-two percent of consultants would recommend Vista-Tec to a colleague and found it equivalent to or better than their current personal protective equipment. Fifty-nine percent would switch to Vista-Tec.

Clinical Tips

  • Place Vista-Tec faceup when not in use to prevent scratching.
  • Warm the shield before use to prevent fogging.
  • If the shield is too long, it may be trimmed with scissors.