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Visalys CemCore


  • 21 Clinical Evaluators
  • 225 Total Uses
  • 93% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “It is the perfect viscosity and additionally we experienced no high occlusion after cementation due to the thin film thickness.”
  • “I like the consistency of this product; it has the same cementation protocol for all restorations.”
  • “On some of my toughest cementation cases, this product performed wonderfully.”
  • “This material is very easy to apply and dispense.”
  • “Easy clean up around the margins.”
  • “Great for use for posts as well.”
  • “I felt the multiple steps and multiple bottles was complicated.”
  • “Requires refrigeration”

Clinical Tips

  • Works good for seating multiple crowns at once.
  • Perfect for short preparations.


  • Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and adhesive bridges made of metal, ceramic, composite, hybrid and oxide ceramics.
  • Root posts and indirect core build-ups.

Unique Attributes

  • Adhesive cement system with tooth and restoration primer to maximize bond.
  • An adhesive cement with easy cleanup of excess material.





Visalys® CemCore is a dual-curing cement:

  • For adhesive cementation of indirect restorations and root posts.
  • Contains fluoride.
  • Includes an initiator system for the optimization of the adhesive bond that utilizes Active Connect Technology (ACT).
  • Visalys® Restorative Primer (included) is recommended as the primer for the restoration surfaces.
  • For use in combination with Visalys® Tooth Primer (included).
  • Available in five shades: Universal (A2/A3), Opaque, Translucent, Bleach, and Dark (A4).