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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good technique guide.”
  • “Easy to integrate into procedure.”
  • “Any motion of the solution in the canal is better than none.”
  • “Patients feel vibration during use.”
  • “Location of the button in the thumb ring takes some getting used to.”
  • “Instrument and syringe are bulky.”


Vibringe is a sonic irrigation instrument for use during endodontic treatment. The cordless handpiece connects to disposable 10 mL syringes, which accept endodontic Luer-lock needles of any size and are compatible with all irrigation solutions. Vibringe features micro-processor controlled technology to deliver the irrigating solution into the root canal at a frequency of 150 Hz. The handpiece has a single-button operation with auto-shutoff after two minutes. A white LED light illuminates during activation. A complete charge of the nickel-metal hydride battery allows approximately 30 minutes of operation and has indicator lights for low battery. It is recommended that Vibringe is stored in the induction charger when not in use. Each system includes the Vibringe handpiece, charger and instructions. Packs of 50 disposable syringes are available separately. Vibringe was evaluated by 16 consultants in 228 uses. It received an 87% clinical rating.

Product Features

Vibringe is a device that is simple to add to the endodontic instrument set-up. It is easy to set up with a clear technique guide. Vibringe is larger than most common irrigating syringes, but is fairly lightweight and easy to hold. Consultants appreciated being able to use their own irrigation tips. The sonic action creates a visible turbulence of the irrigation solution that is not seen with manual irrigation. The LED light was not a useful feature since it is located at the plunger end of the barrel rather than at the tip. Dentists who were skeptical of the effectiveness of Vibringe were referred to references available on the manufacturer’s website. Forty-four percent of consultants reported that Vibringe was better than their current instrument for root canal irrigation and 38% reported that it was equivalent. Thirty-eight percent would switch to Vibringe and 44% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Charge Vibringe uninterrupted for 14 hours before the first use.
  • Do not use on patients with pacemakers.