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UltraPure™ Non-Woven Sponges

Consultants’ Comments

  • “A green product!”
  • “Absolutely no lint!”
  • “They do not stick together when picking up one from a stack.”
  • “Feel nice to the touch.”


UltraPure Non-Woven Sponges are four-ply, non-sterile, 100% cotton gauze sponges. They are lint-free and hypoallergenic. UltraPure sponges are made with 100% pesticide-free cotton grown in the USA. The manufacturer reports that no toxic chemicals (bleach or chlorine) are used in the manufacturing process, and that UltraPure biodegrades in three months. The sponges are available in 2″x2″ and 4″x4″ sizes in 200-count packages. UltraPure was used by 35 consultants in over 6500 uses. This product received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

Non-woven sponges used in dental procedures may be comprised of cotton, synthetic (usually polyester and rayon) fibers or a blend of the two. UltraPure Non-Woven Sponges use 100% unbleached cotton and are appreciated by dentists who prefer eco-friendly products. UltraPure sponges do not leave lint on soft tissue or instruments, and the absence of lint during clinical procedures was rated excellent by consultants. The sponges are soft and non-abrasive with very good absorbency. UltraPure sponges are chlorine-free allowing them to be used with surface disinfectants without chemical interactions. The biodegradable nature of UltraPure was an overwhelmingly positive feature. Sixty percent of consultants rated UltraPure better than other non-woven sponges they have used, and 29% found them to be equivalent. Eighty percent of consultants would switch to UltraPure, and 89% would recommend the product to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • When using this material for cheek or tongue retraction, roll it as tightly as possible, place it in the desired area and allow the natural tendency of the gauze to unroll, which keeps it in place and retracts the tissue.

  • The 4”x4” size is useful for wiping patients’ faces after procedures.