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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Ultramat 2 is extremely quiet.”
  • “Easy to setup and easy to change settings.”
  • “Compact to store in a convenient space.”
  • “I plan to buy a couple of these.”
  • “Five-year warranty is outstanding.”
  • “The prongs were stiff when placing and removing the capsule.”


Ultramat 2 is a dual-voltage amalgamator that has a high-precision microprocessor controlled timer (0-16 second) to provide consistent and accurate trituration, ensuring optimal handling and clinical characteristics of mixed materials. It is designed for intermittent use. Maximum continuous duty cycle is 30 operations of 8 seconds per hour. It is indicated for the trituration of all encapsulated dental restorative materials. Ultramat 2 features a simple-to-use touch control system, a surface cover that can be cleaned with any dental disinfectant, a safety micro-switch that automatically halts trituration when the lid of the Ultramat 2 is lifted, a mixing frequency of 4600 oscillations per minute, low energy usage, and a five-year warranty. The kit contains: Ultramat 2 multiple voltage amalgamator (110/240 V), power cord, 3 mm Allen key for transit screw removal, manufacturer’s instructions, and product literature. Ultramat 2 was evaluated by six consultants in 158 uses. It received a 99% clinical rating.

Product Features

All of the consultants reported that Ultramat 2 was quieter than any other capsule mixer they had used. It is simple to use and easy to change time settings from 1-16 seconds. The metal arms that hold the capsule are fairly stiff, and placing and removing the capsule requires some effort. One hundred percent of consultants reported that Ultramat 2 was better than their current amalgamator/triturator, and all would switch to Ultramat 2 and recommend it.