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Take 1 Retraction Paste

Kerr Corporation


  • 34 Clinical Evaluators
  • 967 Total Uses
  • 87% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The impressions obtained after using Take 1 were smooth and detailed.”
  • “The low viscosity is much better than Traxodent.” 
  • “I do Cerec crowns every day and it achieves excellent hemostasis and retraction to view the crown margins.”
  • “I used Take 1 instead of a second cord in a two-cord technique. I hate packing cord and Take 1 eliminated the need for the second cord effectively.” 
  • “Does not retract tissue as well as the current product I use.”
  • “The high viscosity was difficult to extrude, and the tip was too wide.”
  • “If the tissue was compromised, the margin was not always picked up in the impression.”
  • “Easy to apply and clean – excellent product.”


  • Both traditional and digital impressions
  • Veneer or crown cementation
  • Class II, Class III, and V restorations

Clinical Tips

  • If the patient has tight tissue, it is difficult to get the high-viscosity paste intra-sulcular. In these cases, it is better to use the “two-cord” technique replacing the second cord with the low-viscosity paste.
  • Take a pre-impression bite and then apply the Take 1 into the bite and reseat it for great hemostasis and retraction.
  • Use of compression caps greatly increases amount of retraction.
  • For the high-viscosity version, use a wet finger and pat in the material into the sulcus.



Take 1™ Retraction Paste unidose delivery, retraction and hemostasis paste:

  • 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay provide hemostasis and gentle retraction
  • Designed to deliver tissue displacement to enhance or replace a cord technique
  • Universally compatible with standard composite dispensers

Unique Attributes

  • Each unidose is individually packed to keep material fresh
  • Available in Low Viscosity and High Viscosity:
    − High Viscosity: thicker paste to achieve gentle retraction and hemostasis without a cord
    − Low Viscosity: thinner paste to achieve retraction or replace the second cord in a double-cord technique while providing hemostasis
  • Quick clean up with rinsing and air drying to remove residue
  • Firm, dense foam compression caps